PUBG causing mental health problems for kids

Today, in the gaming world, one of the most famous and common games that has made its presence compulsory in everyone’s life is PUBG. Multiple players can enjoy playing this game and connect on a solo platform for the tournament. Over 500 million people play this game including adults and children. In fact, it is a war game and it has made people addicted to it. Therefore, it influences their minds negatively. It leads to several mental health issues. Some of the mental health issues in children and youth of today are here.

Increases aggression and violence

It is one of the video games that are super violent and it leads players to be more aggressive. Children or adults who play this game, you will see a change in their behavior. They become more violent and prefer to act aggressively as well as fight with others. These people do not come forward to assist others. Moreover, addiction to the game can cause anxiety and tension. 

Negative impact on emotions

PUBG can be associated with poor academic performance, low self-esteem, attitudes, negative emotions, maladaptive coping strategies and others. Playing PUBG most of the time causes a chemical in mind that produces depression and stress. It is harmful for health as well.

Lack of sleep

People playing PUBG remain most of the time in the situations of war. It makes them socially isolated and leads to sleeping disorders. Moreover, this lack of sleep causes behavioral disorders. They start behaving abnormally. It can be harmful for the memory and these people forget things quickly. In some people, this habit can cause short-term memory loss. 

Final Verdict

Playing action games like PUBG and sticking to it for long hours can be harmful for mental and physical health as well as it can ruin your social life. Human brain starts producing hormones that can leave a negative impact on physical and mental health. 

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