Is PUBG more popular than Fortnite ?

Video gaming is all time favorite of the majority. Most adults and children love to spend most of their time playing action games. The majority of the teens like to access these war games. Therefore, between PUBG VS Fortnite, it is not simple to decide which should be played and which can be more famous. The year of 2017 is the time of the battle royale but 2019, is the time of auto battlers. The popularity of the PUBG is increasing day by day. 

About Fortnite

It is a survival game where hundred players fight against each other in the player combat and versus to be the last one standing. It is an action-packed and fast paced game. On Fortnite, there are about 125 million players. Fortnite is popular among people of all ages and it is free to play. They do not need to spend any money to fight against other players. In this way, it is accessible for the majority of the users. It is compatible with PlayStation players, XBOX since it is a cross platform game. 

About PUBG

The reason behind the popularity of this game is not one. This is one of the games for which everyone is trying to access on their smartphones. Some of its dynamic features that make it more popular are here.

  • Character customization
  • Weapon customization 
  • Wider range of weapons such as Melee weapons, shotguns, light machine guns rifles and many more
  • Game replay 2D/3D
  • Spectating support for the servers of the team when you die
  • Revival for downed teammates
  • Attachments, bullet drop, destruction can affect the result of the gun
  • Zombies, Squads, Due, solo custom servers
  • Four maps Vikendi, Sanhok, Miramar, Erangle

The list of its dynamic features is long. Therefore, this game is more popular as compared to the Fortnite. 

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